You Can Never Go Home Again

Two men are thrust into a conflict that has been going on for thousands of years. A warlock and a warrior king who have lived many lives, reborn again and again, but have no memories of their pasts. Another man with significant business acumen and knowledge of negotiating techniques is also pulled into this parallel world, and his knowledge becomes critical to winning the new war with the gods. They are joined by a young boy who is an outcast among the people of Bophane because his heritage is Dwaelvki—the result of the mating of different races, considered taboo in the cultures of Bophane. The young boy has druidic powers that have not been seen in hundreds of years. The three men and the boy ally with the Four Witches, the most powerful wielders of Magicke in Bophane and the guarantors of peace for centuries… but now the gods are tired of peace.